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Specific Phobias

Various situations, including heights, long bridges, insects, needles, dental and/or medical procedures, weather, flying and so on, can make many people feel somewhat uneasy.  People with specific phobias have extremely strong reactions to one (or more) of these specific situations and avoid them.  Their fear is persistent, excessive, and irrational, and leads to life problems (e.g., they cannot have blood drawn even when needed; they cannot drive over a bridge; they cannot be around dogs; etc).  People will avoid their specific feared situation even when it causes life and relationship problems.  Most recognize their fears are irrational, but cannot stop avoiding the situation.

Our clinical staff are recognized experts in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) of specific phobia, an evidence-based treatment for various anxiety disorders.  This treatment includes systematic exposure to the excessively feared situation (i.e., exposure therapy). 

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