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Q: Are you accepting new clients?

A: We are accepting new patients, although we have a waiting list for new clients.


Please note that we only accept clients with specific anxiety & anxiety-related disorder diagnoses that are suitable for our specialized treatment services.  Sometimes we have an initial evaluation with new clients and decide that your needs would be better met elsewhere.  In that case, we will provide suggestions for other providers.

Q: I would like to be a new client in your clinic. How do I make an appointment?

​A: Please visit the New Clients page and complete the New Client Request form.  


Please note that completing this form will result in a much faster response than if an inquiry is made by phone.  During our screening and evaluation process, we may decide your needs will be better met with another provider.  In that case, we will discuss our recommendations and provide referral suggestions.

Q: What disorders do you treat?

​A: We treat all anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. Please see the disorders we treat page for more details.

Q: What age range do you serve?

A: We see clients throughout the lifespan (children, teens, adults and older adults).

Q: Why do I have to go through a screening and then an evaluation? I know I have OCD, why can't I just begin treatment?

A: Given the high demand for our services (and our wait times), we developed our screening process to help identify clients whose needs would be better met outside our clinic - so that they can be identified early in the process and referred elsewhere.  We require all clients to go through this screening process.  When the screening process indicates we may (or likely will) be able to meet your needs, you will be added to our Evaluation waiting list.  The Evaluation ensures that our clinicians have a good understanding of your treatment needs, and also helps us determine if the specialized services our clinic offers are necessary for you.  If the evaluation indicates our clinic is a good match for you, we try to assign you to a treating clinician as soon as possible. 

Q: Why do I have to pay for an evaluation?

A: While the Screening process is free of charge (Screening = brief phone discussion with our Office Manager or Intern as well as completion of the Clinic's Screening Questionnaire, to determine if an evaluation at our clinic is the right fit for you).  However, the Evaluation Appointment is charged according to our Fee Schedule.  Our Office Manager will review these fees with you.  The Evaluation Appointment is different than the Screening process.  During the Evaluation Appointment you will meet with one of our clinicians for an hour to determine potential diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Q: Why might I get referred out to another facility, even if I have a disorder that you treat?

A: We find it's helpful to remember that our clinicians are specialists.   We consider most therapists in the community to be generalists who can treat a wide range of problems, including certain forms of anxiety.  Consider a medical condition like high blood pressure - sometimes a cardiologist is consulted to rule out other cardiac problems, or to provide treatment input, but often it's the patient's PCP who actually manages the treatment - because the specialty expertise of the cardiologist isn't necessary.  This leaves the cardiologist free to see patients who absolutely require their care.  We view our work similarly - not all cases of anxiety/OCD-spectrum disorders require or benefit from our specialized care.  For some forms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, for example, treatment by a general CBT practitioner is just as effective as what we can provide (and, if you have other presenting concerns such as depression, we may decide that seeing a general CBT, DBT, MBCT, or IPT therapist will be more helpful to you).  This also allows us to reserve our limited treatment slots for people who require our specialized care (Exposure/Response Prevention and Habit Reversal).  Please note that we are available to serve as treatment consultants to your therapist if you are referred outside of our clinic for treatment of an anxiety or anxiety-spectrum disorder. 

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: Our clinicians are individually paneled with insurance companies. Most are paneled with Blue Cross and Blue Care Network.  We apologize, we are not able to accept Blue Cross Complete, Medicare Plus Blue, BCN Advantage, Healthy Blue Choices, Medicaid or Medicare.

Q: What if my insurance is "out of network," can I still get services? 

A: Yes, you can still be treated here using our private pay option. Please contact your insurance provider to discuss this with them. Your insurance may provide an out-of-network reimbursement benefit.  In this case, treatment may be covered at an out of network rate. However, we do not bill out of network.  A receipt for payment will be available for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Q: What should I ask my insurance company? ​

A: It is important for you to contact your insurance company to determine your exact benefit. Please note that it is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefit.

Helpful questions to ask include:
*Does my insurance plan have out-of-network mental health benefits?
*What is my annual deductible and has it been met for this year?
*How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
*Do I need prior authorization?
*What percentage is reimbursed per visit for an out-of-network provider?

Q: What is your cancellation policy?​

A: If you are unable to keep your scheduled Evaluation Appointment, please contact us 72 hours in advance - this is needed so that we can schedule another Evaluation client in that appointment time.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled follow up appointment, please contact your clinician to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. You will be charged the full fee for sessions that are missed without appropriate notification.

Q: Where are you located?

A: 2610 W Liberty St, Ann Arbor MI

Please see the Contact section for more specific directions

Q: What are your clinic hours? 

Q: Our clinicians set their own schedules and those vary. Your individual clinician will review their schedule with you.

However, we typically have admin staff available 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday. But please reach out to if you are looking for in-person assistance at a specific time. 

Q: Do you have evening or after school/work appointments?

A: Generally we don't have after-school/after-work appointments available for new clients.  We are a small clinic and have very few after-school/after-work appointment slots.  Those we do have are reserved for existing clients, so when a "prime time" slot becomes available, it is given to existing clients who have been waiting for those times.  Because of the short-term nature of our treatment approach, many clients will finish therapy by attending daytime appointments before a "prime time" slot becomes available. 

Q: Do you offer psychiatric services? 

A: We do offer psychiatric services. Our psychiatrist does medication management only.  You do not need to be seeing a therapist to see our psychiatrist, however, the doctor may require or recommend therapy along with medication management once an evaluation has been completed.  If you are a new client, please complete the screening form under the New Client page to request an appointment.  If you are an established client, please discuss with your therapist the possibility of being referred to our psychiatrist.

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