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Clinic Services

We are glad you're here! Please see the list of available

services below. 


Are you a client who would like to keep working with your current therapist, but would like to have input on cutting-edge strategies to treat your anxiety or OCD spectrum disorder?  Are you a clinician who would like to consult about treatment for a particular client?  We offer consultation and treatment planning services, which typically involve the client being seen for a consultation visit (billed to insurance or paid out of pocket) and specific treatment recommendations being made.  Comprehensive treatment planning services are also available for a reasonable fee.

If you are a client who is interested in one-time consultation only, please inform our Office Manager of this during the screening process, and your one-time consultation request will be prioritized.


We offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of anxiety and OCD spectrum disorders. Our evaluations require completion of a comprehensive set of questionnaires that help us assess the nature of your concerns.  We utilize these measures as well as a one-hour diagnostic interview to provide you with our assessment of the particular nature of your psychiatric concerns. Given our expertise with anxiety and OCD spectrum disorders, these evaluations will focus on our assessment of the presence (or not) of anxiety or OCD symptoms, as well as our assessment of the type of treatment that will be most helpful to you.  Sometimes this treatment will not be at our clinic, as we may determine that a different form of treatment will best meet your needs.

Treatment Approach: 

Our therapy services typically fall within the domain of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a strong emphasis on exposure therapy.  Exposure therapy for anxiety disorders and OCD is one of the most effective treatments in all of medicine.  Research on evidence-based treatments is clear that many psychiatric disorders (such as depression) respond to various treatment approaches, but anxiety disorders (and particularly OCD) generally require an exposure-based approach for optimal treatment response. Depending on your particular needs, our clinicians often add other forms of treatment (such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy; Schema Therapy; and limited Dialectical Behavior Therapy), but Exposure Therapy is generally the core focus of treatment at our clinic. Learn more about this and other options for treatment of anxiety disorders via the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.


We offer outpatient therapy, typically on a once-per-week basis, but the frequency can vary depending on the severity of symptoms as well as other factors.  We follow a short-term treatment model, as treatment for anxiety and OCD spectrum disorders takes an average of 8 to 25 sessions, although clients with more severe or refractory symptoms will need to be seen for longer periods of time.  If you have additional presenting concerns (such as depression) when your anxiety or OCD treatment is complete, we will refer you to another provider outside the clinic, and reserve our specialized CBT/ERP skills for those who are on our wait list for anxiety or OCD treatment.


For individuals/families/friends.  We offer several different classes that provide unique information and support.  These provide an important complement to treatment. If you or a loved one struggles with an anxiety or OCD spectrum disorder, we strongly recommend these classes in addition to treatment. Classes include: HRT for Body Focused Repetitive Disorders; Understanding Your Loved One's OCD; CBT for Social Anxiety for Adolescents​; and more. Click here to learn about our classes


Our psychiatry providers offer medication evaluation and medication management services.  You do not need to be in treatment at our clinic to be seen, but our clients do receive priority for new evaluation slots.  Our doctors may also require or recommend therapy with a therapist in or outside of our clinic in order to receive medication management.  If you are a current client who is interested in medication services, please discuss this with your current clinician or our Office Manager.  If you are not a current client and are interested in medication services only, please complete our New Client Request form

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