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Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding disorder is diagnosed when people have chronic difficulty getting rid of possessions, such as newspapers, food, clothing, magazines, junk mail, and so on.  Most of us have items that would be difficult to throw away, even if the items had little value, but those who struggle with hoarding experience this to a much greater degree.  Often those who have a hoarding disorder have a large quantity of items (sometimes so many that their home is literally filled with these items and is difficult to walk around in).  Those who hoard may have search out free items or buy things excessively.  Some people may hoard animals, including cats or dogs.  They are unable to "downsize" their collection and experience severe anxiety if they try to do so.  Often a person will keep items they collect because they worry they will need it in the future (either for reasons of practical usefulness or for triggering memory) or because it has sentimental value.

Our clinical staff are recognized experts in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) of hoarding disorder. 

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