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Gim Toh, PhD, LP

Insurance: Blue Care Network (including M Premier) and Blue Cross Blue Shield (except Blue Cross Complete and Medicare Plus Blue)

Dr. Toh completed her doctoral training in clinical psychology at Ohio State University (PhD program), where her research focused on the role of executive control in its relationship with anxiety disorders as well as psycho-physiological distinctions between fear and anxiety. While in graduate school, her clinical training was grounded in empirically-supported cognitive behavioral therapies for a wide range of disorders in outpatient clinics as well as in a medical center. Her primary training was conducted within the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinic, Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic, as well as the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Clinic working with multi-diagnostic patients. She also has experience in CBT and DBT group work for individuals with OCD, anxiety, and eating disorders. She then completed her clinical psychology internship at University of Michigan’s Mary A. Rackham Institute, where she received extensive training in treating adults with mood and anxiety disorders using a range of treatment modalities. She also previously worked as a research assistant at Stony Brook University with patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder and chronic pain. 

As a scientist-practitioner, Dr. Toh is deeply committed to utilizing empirically-supported treatments and integrating the latest research on anxiety and related disorders in her work. She strives to create a collaborative relationship with clients and to tailor exposure treatments to best help clients attain their desired outcomes. She works from a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach. Her specialty is in using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) in the treatment of OCD, as well as exposure-based treatments for anxiety disorders. She has also received training in Habit Reversal Therapy for body-focused repetitive disorders.

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