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For Other Providers


If you have a client you would like to refer for consultation, evaluation, or treatment, please have the client complete the Request form in the "New Clients" section.  Please note that we prioritize consultation requests (i.e., in which we provide treatment planning input to you, with the client seeing us for consultation only and returning to you for treatment).
If you have questions, please contact our Administrative Assistant at or call 734-368-9691. 

Case Consultation

If you are a provider that may be less familiar with the evidence based treatments for OCD, Social Anxiety, BFRBs, Phobias,  Illness Anxiety, or Hoarding and you have a case on which you would like to receive a consultation, please contact our Administrative Assistant by emailing or calling 734-368-9691. Case consultations are scheduled during the consulting clinicians regular office hours and are charged at the routine appointment rates.

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